CCTV Surveillance

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Command & Control has developed a considerable client base as a result of our competitive pricing, cutting edge technology at affordable prices and professional consultancy.

We also have extensive contacts with leading manufacturers and are able to specify equipment across a range of suppliers to suit each project.  

Our team of professionals has many years of experience in designing, installing and maintaining security systems for residential and commercial applications.We provide security systems at highly competitive rates and offer both outright purchase and rental solutions for those situations where budgetary restrictions may be a consideration.

With our considerable experience in the residential property sector we are able to take a property manager’s approach to existing contracts. Command & Control assists blocks locked into long-term rental contracts on access and security equipment which has long passed its sell-by date.  

We saved one client over £100,000 on the renegotiation of their existing contracts.  

We are used to dealing with residents and porters and risk assessments 

We know a thing or two about strained service charge budgets and the limitations of Section 20 consultation

We understand the difficulties of long-term contracts and data protection



Our systems offer:

Tick High-res colour CCTV imaging which police can actually use

 Remote monitoring of premises and staff over the internet

 Gates and gate automation in the post-clamping era

 Satellite/TV Systems without “rip-off” callout charges

 Keyless fob entry, easily programmable by property managers/porters



For more information call 020 8202 0090 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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